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Working as a professional wedding and portrait photographer in Southeast Louisiana is such a rewarding experience. Through the years, I have learned many valuable lessons in my development as a photographer. One of the most important lessons being that creativity is essential to achieving truly memorable images. Stunning images require the perfect balance of chemistry between the photographer and subject, proper posing, balanced lighting, and finally professional editing. For photographers, while each of these ingredients are essential for the creation of captivating images, editing can be one of the most time consuming and labor intensive. In my never ending search for new and innovative ways to increase workflow efficiency, I recently discovered a gem, Sleeklens. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are two of the most common software applications utilized by professional photographers. In this photographers opinion, they are the best options for post processing available on the market. While I rely heavily on both applications in my workflow, they can sometimes require a significant investment of time and effort to achieve the desired results. I recently discovered an innovative company that has improved the efficiency of my workflow and also been a source of educational as well. Sleeklens, based out of Denmark, offers a comprehensive menu of photography related resources and products for professional and amateur photographers alike.

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Young Love

We recently had the privilege of working with Mark Eric, a well-known and respected photographer, who works primarily in central and southeast Louisiana. He graciously allowed us to participate, as photographers, in a scheduled engagement session. The session featured Torey Ray and sing-songwriter and actress Anna Margaret.  The session was held at Melady Plantation, in Alexandria, Louisiana. Everything was perfect. Not only was the location and weather amazing, but Mark was able to borrow an antique vehicle to be featured in the shoot. Torey and Anna were absolutely glowing. They meshed perfectly and it was obvious that love was in the air. It was a fantastic experience. Not only were we able to capture some great images of Torey and Anna, but it was inspiring watching Mark and his wife, Heather, work together seamlessly. We cannot express our gratitude enough for Mark, Torey and Anna for giving us the opportunity to capture some of their “moments that matter.”

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Website Debut – FP

A couple of months ago, Sylvia and I met with Roddy Orgeron, a well-respected professional photographer who works in the New Orleans area.  In addition to being an outstanding photographer, Roddy is an established businessman.  He provided us with insightful input about the photography business.  When he reviewed our previous website, he delicately pointed out (OK, maybe not so delicately) that it needed significant work.  Heeding his advice, we elected to build a new website.  We could have hired a website designer to handle the task, but instead chose to embark on the mission on our own.  In retrospect, I am not sure that we would have made the same decision if we had known what we were getting into. It took over a month of researching, adjusting, correcting, editing, re-editing, debating, and reviewing, to get to results with which we were satisfied.  Now that the process is complete, it was a worthwhile and educational experience.

Special thanks to Roddy Orgeron and the many friends and family members who provided us with input in the development process.  Take a few minutes and have a look around our new site.  We are still open to input or suggestions.  And of course, we would love to work with you. Enjoy!

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