Let’s hear it for the Groom! Uh oh, did I just unseat the bride from the matrimonial throne? No, 0f course not. Without a doubt the bride is, and will continue to be, the center of attention when it comes to weddings. That being said, I think it is high time to give some love to the groom. All too often, friends and family alike do not recognize and appreciate the challenging yet fulfilling commitment made by the groom when it comes to weddings. So…let’s take a walk down an unfamiliar path and look at some of the wedding experience from the grooms perspective. The journey begins with the decision to make a lifelong commitment and enter into a legal union with his loving partner. While it may not be obvious, this can be a very emotional time. Just like all major life decisions, there may be fear and uncertainty. Once the fears are dispelled, and the decision reached to offer a proposal to the irresistible bride to be, the groom still has other factors to consider. Do I need to get the blessing of the bride’s parents? How do I select the perfect ring? How, where and when will I propose? Will she say Yes? While these are only a few considerations prior to an actual proposal, each one takes on a significant level of importance for loving men who want the proposal of marriage to be perfect for their partners. Once these questions have been answered and the planning for the proposal is complete, it’s time to pop the question.

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