Sylvia and I recently visited Oak Alley Plantation, in Vacherie, Louisiana. We have a wedding booked later this year and wanted to do some planning. Penny, our hostess, greeted us with an energetic and genuine smile.

Penny is responsible for event planning and was gracious enough to give us a tour. She also provided us with great ideas to help with our preparations for wedding day. Shortly before our arrival, a thunderstorm passed over the plantation. While the post shower humidity was intense, the shade of the majestic oak trees allowed for a pleasant stroll around the grounds.  After Penny returned to her duties, we treated ourselves to a tour of the home. I must admit to not paying a lot of attention to the tour guide. She was great and her presentation was wonderful, but I have been on the tour before so I was already familiar with the content. What did capture my attention was as a lovely young lady, adorned in a purple traditional plantation dress. I was able to catch glimpses of her, but she managed to elude the focus of my camera for some time. I think she knew I was trying to photograph her.  At first I though she was camera shy, but after some thought, I decided that was not likely.  She was performing, and in so doing, she added a sense of intrigue and mystery to my visit.  Eventually, I did manage a few photographs of her and I have included them in this post. To Penny, and all of the support staff at Oak Alley Plantation, thank you for making our visit a memorable one. As for the intriguing young lady in the purple dress, I say, fare thee well young maiden, and thanks for taking me back in time. Even, if only for a moment.