Frequently Asked Questions

FP Frequently Asked Questions – Choosing a wedding photographer that is a good fit for your wedding is important to ensuring that you receive images that fit your vision. To better familiarize you with our services and products, listed below are responses to a few frequently asked questions.

What is your photographic style? Our photography style focuses on capturing what we refer to as “moments that matter.”  We define these moments as candid natural moments of shared love, joy and intimacy, that reflect the emotions of the day.  Posed imagery is also a necessary component in documenting the wedding experience. We know that our clients and their friends and family are eager to get the party started, so we work quickly and efficiently to arrange group images that are modern, stylish and fun.

Should we have a consultation prior to booking? While it is not essential, it is recommended that we meet prior to booking. The consultation is an opportunity to get to know one another and ensure that we are a good fit for the wedding day. It also provides us with an opportunity to discuss your expectations. Based on the information obtained at the consultation, we are able to focus our efforts at the wedding on capturing images that fit your vision.

How long have you been in business? Mark, the lead photographer, has worked professionally as a portrait photographer for over five years. In 2015, Sylvia and Mark became a wedding photography team and Fradella Photography was established.

What type of photographic equipment do you use? The vast majority of our photography equipment is manufactured by Sony. Mark’s primary camera is a Sony A7rii and Sylvia uses a Sony A99v. Both full frame mirrorless cameras are paired with professional grade Sony lenses of varying focal lengths. Other standard equipment used for weddings include speed lights (flash), flash stands, light modifiers, flash triggers, reflectors, diffusers and constant light sources. In the event of equipment failure, we are always prepared with backup equipment on hand.

Do I need more than one photographer? We are a husband and wife photography team and always work together. We firmly believe that it takes at least two photographers to provide exceptional wedding coverage. Having two photographers all but ensures that key moments in the wedding will be recorded. It also allows us to capture images from different angles and perspectives.

Will my photos be edited? Yes. All photo editing is done in house. Each image is thoroughly analyzed and, if necessary, edited to achieve the appropriate exposure and white balance. Then the creativity begins as we utilize advanced software to apply dramatic yet natural looking effects to select images. When your wedding gallery is complete, you can expect to receive a mix of color and black and white images.

How long will I have to wait for my images? On average, you will be enjoying your full image gallery within three weeks of your wedding.

How many images will I receive? On average, you can expect to receive 50-75 images per hour of wedding coverage.

Can I use my full resolution digital files any way I want? For the most part, yes. You will receive a print release that permits you to print at the lab of your choice, submit your wedding images to wedding magazines and/or wedding blogs, and share your images on social media. Ownership and copyrights of the images remain with Fradella Photography.

What are your product offerings? Our product offerings include custom designed albums, prints, a variety of canvas art, and many other print related products. All of our purchased print products are processed at professional photo labs.

Are you Licensed and Insured? Yes, Fradella Photography is licensed and insured in the State of Louisiana.

Learn more about us here, or better yet, give us a call at (985) 227-5535.