Mel and Scott will be saying their wedding vows very soon.  They both have two children, each from prior relationships.  The children, all teenagers, came along to be a part of their parents engagement session. It was quite clear, from the very beginning of our time together, that this is a family that is coming together as a unit. Everyone worked in unison to ensure a smooth morning session in the French Quarter.

We were able to capture some fantastic “moments that matter” of the loving couple, as well as some great family photos. At one point, I asked Mel and Scott if they would prefer to sneak away for the more intimate shots. They just laughed. They were completely comfortable with sharing tender moments in front of their offspring. I must say, this was pleasantly refreshing. The young adults of this generation, as have most, are struggling to find their way.  Mel and Scott’s emotional connection cannot possibly go unnoticed by their children. We can preach life lessons to our kids until we are blue in the face.  However, leading by example is more likely to have the lasting impact that we, as caring parents, seek.  Kudos to Mel and Scott for openly showing what love can, and should look like!