Samantha Bridal

Class, sophistication, and talent.  Those are the first words that come to mind when describing the experience of photographing the lovely Samantha Herrera Pinder. Her classic formal attire was perfectly suited to the prepared outdoor stage.  The beautiful display and settings were designed and created for the occasion by Meredith, of Southern Creative Co.  Not only was Samantha ravishing in the photos, but her true talent as a makeup artist was unmistakeable. What a great way to spend an afternoon. Thanks to both Samantha and Meredith for making these classic shots possible.

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Family Engagement Shoot

Mel and Scott will be saying their wedding vows very soon.  They both have two children, each from prior relationships.  The children, all teenagers, came along to be a part of their parents engagement session. It was quite clear, from the very beginning of our time together, that this is a family that is coming together as a unit. Everyone worked in unison to ensure a smooth morning session in the French Quarter.

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Owl for Breakfast



Mark and I love traveling. It gives us time to relax, meet people, explore new countries and their cultures, and the photo opportunities are endless! You just never know what, where, and when you will come across and that is what makes it an adventure.

We recently went on a weeklong cruise to the Caribbean. As usual, Mark was the first to rise. With the camera bag in tow, off he went to find the right spot in the serenity area located on the top deck of the ship. It was our last day at sea and we were back in the Gulf of Mexico heading home to New Orleans. Shortly afterwards, I headed out. I knew the routine. Get coffee, some breakfast and bring it to serenity. That was our breakfast spot. We basically had the ship to ourselves. Only a few people were up and about, there was a soft breeze, the sun had just come up, and the water was smooth sailing. It was our little piece of heaven.

As I, with coffee and breakfast in hand, was approaching Mark in the serenity area, I saw him crouched on the deck with his camera facing the front of the boat toward the Gulf. I was looking around, up, out and couldn’t see anything. I also noticed a man about two feet behind him with his iPhone out taking pictures. This really had my curiosity peaked!? I still couldn’t see anything. What had them so interested? There was no one else anywhere near us. I picked up my pace the best I could without spilling coffee all over. When I finally got there, the man pointed and quietly said – look! I turned to look at where he was pointed and I couldn’t believe what I was saw … an owl!

An owl! Here in the middle of the Gulf! He was perched on the back of a chair. He was beautiful! I have lived my whole life in Louisiana and I have never been this close to an owl in the wild. He was less than 5 yards away. He just sat there with the breeze ruffling his feathers and his big yellow eyes looking around and at us.  Eventually a cruise ship worker opened a nearby door.  Off the owl went.  We were certainly glad to be a brief part of this particular stow away adventure.  What an unlikely meeting.

Website Debut – FP

A couple of months ago, Sylvia and I met with Roddy Orgeron, a well-respected professional photographer who works in the New Orleans area.  In addition to being an outstanding photographer, Roddy is an established businessman.  He provided us with insightful input about the photography business.  When he reviewed our previous website, he delicately pointed out (OK, maybe not so delicately) that it needed significant work.  Heeding his advice, we elected to build a new website.  We could have hired a website designer to handle the task, but instead chose to embark on the mission on our own.  In retrospect, I am not sure that we would have made the same decision if we had known what we were getting into. It took over a month of researching, adjusting, correcting, editing, re-editing, debating, and reviewing, to get to results with which we were satisfied.  Now that the process is complete, it was a worthwhile and educational experience.

Special thanks to Roddy Orgeron and the many friends and family members who provided us with input in the development process.  Take a few minutes and have a look around our new site.  We are still open to input or suggestions.  And of course, we would love to work with you. Enjoy!

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Old World Charm

Jennifer and Nathan chose New Orleans as the location for their destination wedding. It turned out to be the perfect venue. Jennifer’s parents had honeymooned in the Big Easy many years ago, establishing ties to the city. Close friends and family traveled to the city for the quaint and romantic wedding.  As the bride prepared, the men enjoyed a cocktail in the lounge.  Soon enough the ladies arrived to a jubilant greeting from the men.  The bridal party moved to the courtyard, which turned out to be the perfect location for some group photos. At one point, a friendly employee photo bombed a group shot of the men. The bridal party erupted with laughter. The ladies jumped in and joined the men for some group shots, and the celebration began in earnest. Soon after, the bridal party moved upstairs to the suite for the ceremony. The suite was elegant and wonderfully decorated with a gorgeous chandelier as the centerpiece. The ceremony was traditional and the couple exchanged heartfelt vows.  Following the nuptials, the guests enjoyed an outstanding selection of menu items. Then came the dancing. Four couples, all with an obvious passion for ballroom dancing, gracefully flowed across the dance floor. I could not help but imagine these dancers in the huge ballrooms of generations past. It was truly a sight to see. Thanks to Jennifer and Nathan for allowing us the opportunity to capture their moments that matter.

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