Chris and Cate at Oak Alley

Chris and Cate, along with numerous friends and family, made the journey from California to New Orleans to exchange their vows on New Years Eve. They selected Oak Alley, with it’s majestic Oaks and beautifully landscaped grounds, as their wedding venue. Weather forecasts were worrisome, but that didn’t hamper their moods or enthusiasm one bit.  Smiles and laughter filled the afternoon and mother nature cooperated just enough to allow the wedding to proceed as planned. As always, Oak Alley staff managed the event expertly and everything flowed perfectly.  Join us in wishing them them joy, happiness, laughter and love in 2017.  Here are a few of their “moments that matter.”

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Fun with the Allemand Family

Sylvia and I had a great time working with the Allemand Family in Houma, Louisiana. The day was perfect with a cool breeze blowing on a brisk sunny morning.  Brandon and Meghan and all three of their beautiful children were fun and energetic. Here are just a few a few of their “moments that matter.”

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Chris and Morgan at the Bayou Barn

Chris and Morgan at the Bayou Barn.

With a twinkle in their eyes and electricity in the air, Chris and Morgan exchanged their vows at the Bayou Barn this past weekend. This was our first visit  to the Bayou Barn and we absolutely loved the rustic setting. The staff was outstanding. All the small details made this one of the most interesting venues we have had the good fortune to visit.  The cake prepared by Kat’s Cakes was exquisite and the upside down display was just amazing to behold. The entire bridal party was lively and energetic and Morgan was an absolutely glowing bride.  One of our favorite moment was when Chris and Morgan’s adorable daughter was escorted along a wooden path with her white chariot (ok embellished a bit there but it was really a cute buggy), wielding a sign reading “Daddy Here Comes Mommy.”  Moments later, the beautiful bride and her gushing mother strolled down the wood planked pathway to meet Chris.  The look on Chris’s face as Morgan walked down the aisle was priceless. After a few pictures with the Bridal Party, food fun and dance followed. It was a great evening! Thanks to Chris and Morgan for allowing us the opportunity to capture their “moments that matter.”

Click “read more” to see the photos of this memorable night.  Select any photo to start a full screen slide-show!

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Archuleta 50th Anniversary

Friends and family planned meticulously to ensure a memorable 50th anniversary surprise party for Mike and Dee Archuleta. Anticipating celebrating a granddaughter’s birthday, when the couple arrived they were instead stunned with shouts of “surprise” as they walked through the door. Their expressions were priceless. What a fun and festive evening as generations of family members and friends enjoyed some of Mike and Dee’s “moments that matter.” Congratulations to this wonderful couple on a marriage that has flourished for half a decade!

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Mahfouz Bonnette Moments

Thomas and Meghan enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and evening with family and friends. Too many magical moments to share all of them but these are a few of our favorite ‘moments that matter’. Congratulations and many blessings for a marriage filled with joy, laughter and love!

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