Allison Shines in the Big Easy – Senior Portraits

While we always love spending time working and playing in New Orleans, Saturday’s senior portrait session had special meaning for Sylvia and I.  Our youngest daughter is nearing graduation and it was time for her senior portraits. She chose the French Quarter and City Park as the shoot locations.  In typical Allison style, we didn’t know where we were going until the night before.  That being said, it was a great choice. The weather was fantastic and of course when the camera was raised, she turned on her charm. City streets, stately oaks, calm ponds, and Allison…the results, of course, were stunning. How could they not be with that glowing smile and those intense eyes. We had so much fun with this shoot.  For a change, we weren’t just capturing “moments that matter”, we were living them too!  Graduation is around the corner, and another right of passage will come and go. For Allison, it’s onward and upward with a future filled with hopes and dreams. For us, we have a few more memories of joy filled moments as we watch our baby girl blossom into a fine young woman.

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