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Have you ever asked yourself why some wedding images are so captivating?  We have, and the answer is simple. Amazing wedding images have one thing in common, an emotional element. While documenting your wedding story is essential, what sets Fradella Photography apart is our ability to create and photograph moments when the bride and groom, camera forgotten, are intimately connected. The end result is images that result in hearty laughs, genuine smiles, and even the occasional teary eye. Whether you're seeking outstanding wedding photographers, bridal photographers, or engagement photographers, we are at your service.

Client Moments

Get a feel for our photography style in our portfolio slideshow where we feature recent photographs from bridal sessions, engagement sessions, and weddings.


The importance of investing in a professional wedding photographer to capture your "moments that matter" cannot be overstated.  In the future, images will be the spark that reignites the passion and love of one of the most important days of your life.  Full day wedding coverage starts at $2300. For smaller more intimate wedding gatherings and destination weddings, pricing starts at $1200. Be it the French Quarter, a historic plantation, or any other amazing wedding venue in Southeast Louisiana, we are eager to create images for you that will stand the test of time.